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    • Viagra for Women really?

      Viagra for Women really?0

      • ED
      • August 5, 2018

      Err, female Viagra, really? Are you bothered by the thought of female Viagra? In 2004, the first Viagra pill for men was introduced by Pfizer Inc.; it was developed to improve men’s sexual health. Similarly, Viagra for women functions by improving female’s sexual health and libido. There are diverse products designed to improve female libido

    • Biaxin – Uses and Side-Effects

      Biaxin – Uses and Side-Effects0

      Biaxin is an anti-biotic that is used to treat the diseases caused by bacteria. It stunts or stops the growth of disease-causing bacteria in the body. To maintain the effectiveness of Biaxin, it should be used only in those cases where the disease is caused by susceptible bacteria only. This simply implies that the use

    • Chloromycetin: drug for serious infections

      Chloromycetin: drug for serious infections0

      What is the most important information I should know about Chloromycetin? Chloromycetin can have serious side effects. Therefore, if alternatives are available for the treatment, this should by all means be avoided. What is Chloromycetin? Chloromycetin is chloramphenicol which is an antibiotic for treating infections. Chloramphenicol should never be used to treat minor infections such

    • Keep the bacterial infections at bay by consuming ilosone

      Keep the bacterial infections at bay by consuming ilosone0

      Want to treat the bacterial infection at a faster pace? Then you have to ingest Ilosone. This has to be taken under the supervision of a doctor to get rid of bacterial infections. This drug has undergone laboratory trials and were proven safe to consume by the humans for healing different kinds of bacterial infections.