• What Is Allegra Generic?

    What Is Allegra Generic?0

    The antihistamines are used for treating allergy-caused symptoms in the human body. Allegra generic belongs to the antihistamine family group, and what histamines do is that they work as enzymes responsible for sneezing, itching, watery eyes and stuffy nose. Allegra generic can be used in treating a seasonal allergy such as hay fever in adults

  • Claritin Generic (Loratadine)

    Claritin Generic (Loratadine)0

    Uses for Claritin generic Eye The eye solution, known as Ketotifen ophthalmic, is used in stopping itching of the eye caused by allergic conjunctivitis. It does this by acting on mast cells, preventing them from releasing allergy-causing substances. You can buy the drug through doctor’s prescription and over-the-counter (OTC). Before You Use Claritin Generic Eye