What is Salmeterol? Fluticasone Salmeterol

What is Salmeterol? Fluticasone Salmeterol

Salmeterol, known more popularly by the brand name Serevent, is the medication used in long-term maintenance for the prevention, reduction and treatment of wheezing caused by lung diseases such as asthma, COPD, bronchitis or emphysema. Serevent inhaler or Salmeterol inhaler is only to be used if other medications have not been able to prevent or

Salmeterol, known more popularly by the brand name Serevent, is the medication used in long-term maintenance for the prevention, reduction and treatment of wheezing caused by lung diseases such as asthma, COPD, bronchitis or emphysema. Serevent inhaler or Salmeterol inhaler is only to be used if other medications have not been able to prevent or control the breathing and lung issues. For instance, if your use of corticosteroid inhalers has not provided any good results, your doctor may recommend Serevent inhaler or Salmeterol inhaler.

Serevent inhaler or Salmeterol inhaler should not be your only medication treating asthma or other lung-related diseases. The medication works with other medications and used by people experiencing asthma issues due to exercise. The medication relaxes the muscles and opens the air passage to make breathing easier. If breathing problems can be controlled through Salmeterol, life becomes easier.

The results of Serevent medications or inhalers do not show immediately, and this is why you should not use Salmeterol inhaler if experiencing sudden breathing attacks or troubles. If you suddenly have a problem, you should use the doctor’s prescription instead of Serevent or Salmeterol medication. Thus, an inhaler providing quick relief should always be with you in addition to your Salmeterol inhaler. It is best that you consult the doctor for more details and to understand how Salmeterol inhaler medication works.

You can use Salmeterol inhaler or Serevent inhaler with other medications. For instance, Salmeterol can be used with the long acting corticosteroids inhaler. However, it should not be used with any other beta agonist inhalers which are long-acting – such as combination Salmeterol, combination fluticasone or even formoterol. There are great chances of serious side effects if Salmeterol inhalers are used with these medications.

Children and teenagers who use Salmeterol inhaler or Servent inhaler to treat asthma must use either combination Salmeterol or combination fluticasone product, and it is still a good thing to consult your doctor to know the right Salmeterol inhaler for your child.

If you are an asthma patient, you should not use Salmeterol inhaler if you can manage your breathing problems with the help of corticosteroids such as flunisolide or fluticasone, or with the use of the fast relief inhalers occasionally.

A regular mouth corticosteroids user should not stop the use and switch to Servent inhaler or Salmeterol inhaler. As usual, you should talk to your doctor to determine the one which is best for you – corticosteroids alone or Salmeterol inhaler with corticosteroids.

Salmeterol inhaler dosage information

Before the use of Serevent inhaler or Salmeterol inhaler, you should read the guide of the medication. This prevents mistakes during Salmeterol inhaler use, and if you do not understand anything in the instructions, you should talk to your pharmacist or the doctor.

You should be aware that the Salmeterol inhaler device is activated always, and used in the horizontal position. Whether using Serevent diskus, Servent HFA or Servent generic, this must be kept in mind.

Salmeterol should be inhaled using your mouth, the Serevent inhaler used twice in the morning and after 12 hours, twice in the evening. Usually, Salmeterol is tasteless when inhaled, which is something normal with Serevent inhalers. Another thing is that the patient must not exhale into the generic Serevent inhaler device, and a spacer should not be used with the inhaler. You should not wash any part of the Salmeterol or Serevent device, including the mouthpiece.

If you use Salmeterol inhaler with other inhalers, then after each inhalation, you should wait for at least one minute. The Salmeterol inhaler or Servent inhaler dosage depends on 2 things – your medical condition and the way you respond to the therapy, and for optimum benefits from the use of Serevent inhaler, you should use regularly. Use a mobile phone reminder to ensure that you achieve this. However, you should not use Servent inhaler or Salmeterol inhaler more than the number of times prescribed by the doctor; doing otherwise increases the chances of experiencing side effects.

You should use Salmeterol inhaler daily and regularly as prescribed by the doctor, and you should not use the Servent inhaler or change the dosage on your own without consulting your doctor. Suddenly stopping the Salmeterol inhaler may make you to end up making certain conditions even worse. Even if there is the need to stop the use of Serevent, it should be done gradually.

You must stop the use if you use the fast or quick relief inhalers daily and quite frequently (such as 4 times in a day). You should not use the quick-relief inhalers when you have a sudden attack asthma or sudden shortness of breath. For additional information on this, consult your doctor immediately.

If Salmeterol inhaler is used only occasionally in preventing the complications of asthma caused by exercise, then take Servent at least 30 minutes before starting the exercise. Also, once taken, you should not use the Salmeterol inhaler for another dose for at least another 12 hours. If you experience any asthma trouble or sudden shortness of breath, then the quick-relief inhaler should be used instead of the Salmeterol inhaler. For additional information on this, consult your doctor immediately.

If Servent or Salmeterol medication is not working as expected, or you notice that it is necessary to often take the quick-relief inhalation than prescribed (over 4 puffs daily or consuming more than 1 inhaler in less than 2 months), then you should immediately see the doctor for medical attention. Using the quick-relief inhaler excessively signifies that the asthma is getting worse. It must not be ignored because it is a serious condition.

Two types of inhalers are needed for breathing conditions. One is the inhaler used daily, is the part of the controlled drugs (such as Serevent inhaler or Salmeterol inhaler). The other provides quick relief when the breathing condition worsens suddenly, and this is what you should discuss with your doctor about well in advance. Make the doctor aware about conditions such as coughs, wheezing, peak flow meter reading going worse, increase in the sputum, shortness of breath, loss of sleep or sudden midnight wake-up as a result of breathing issues. Also, if the quick-relief inhaler is to be used too frequently or if you are not experiencing desired results from it, you should seek medical attention immediately. You should know when you can treat sudden breathing problems on your own and when it is necessary to see the doctor.

If using the Servent or Salmeterol inhaler for a long time and the condition is still yet to improve, or is getting worse, then it is necessary to see the doctor.

How to buy Serevent on the internet

It is easy to buy Salmeterol inhaler or Serevent asthma online. Salmeterol is the brand name of the Servent medication, and can be purchased online without any prescription. However, you should look for the website which ships the product to your area. For example, if you live in Quebec, Canada, you should look for the online pharmacy shipping Salmeterol inhaler to this area. To identify such sites, search Google with words such as “Generic Servent inhaler Quebec Canada” or “Salmeterol inhaler Quebec Canada”. Before buying, make sure the website is one that is trusted and sells bona fide Salmeterol products.  Always check for the ratings or reviews of the website before ordering Servent online. The price of Serevent is usually lower when you buy online. Salmeterol can be purchased online in USA, Canada, EU, India, and other regions. There are websites which even provide overnight shipping.

Salmeterol Inhaler Coupons

Through Servent coupons, you can buy Salmeterol inhaler at a price which is very low. The coupons are both for online and offline purchases, which means you can buy the inhaler at local pharmacies using the coupons. You can also search online to know if offers are available providing free samples, trial offers or rebates on the Serevent inhaler. For example, a popular coupon is free100, providing good discount on the high Salmeterol inhaler retail price. A coupon like free100 can be found online by using a search phrase like “coupons for Servent inhaler purchase.” Locally, there are also Salmeterol wholesale dealers selling Serevent at prices which are affordable.

Over the counter brands sell Salmeterol inhaler

You can still buy Serevent inhaler even if you don’t have the prescription. There are brands selling the medication over the counter. For many people, Serevent inhaler is part of their regular medication, and what these people do is that they take advantage of the over the counter offers.

You should not use Salmeterol improperly even though it is available on the online pharmacies or over the counter, and you should use the Serevent inhaler only after you have consulted your doctor and according to the dosage prescribed. An unnecessary or excessive usage lead to serious side effects.

Salmeterol medication side effects

The Salmeterol or Servent medication has many side effects. If you are experiencing hoarseness, throat irritation, increased heart rate, cough, dryness in the mouth and throat, headache, or any stomach upset or nervousness or anxiety, then Salmeterol inhaler may be responsible. However, those are non-serious side effects which usually accompany Salmeterol or Serevent inhaler.

If you experience a lot of mouth dryness, you can sip ice chips or the hard candy (preferable should be sugarless), and you can chew always the sugarless gum. Other options are using any suitable saliva substitute or taking small amounts of water regularly. Though the side effects are not serious and common, you should see your doctor if they persist for a long time or with time worsen. The benefits of the Salmeterol medication outweigh the risks, and there are users who may not even experience any side effect.

There are some serious and rare serious side effects when using Salmeterol inhaler. You must see your doctor if experiencing side effects such as slow, irregular or fast heartbeat; fainting; seizures; or severe dizziness. They are very serious side effects and you must address them immediately.

Sometimes, it is possible to experience some allergic reactions when using the Salmeterol inhaler. You should seek immediate medical attention if you experience allergic symptoms such as itching in the throat, face, or tongue, rashes, swelling in the face, throat, or tongue, severe dizziness and breathing troubles.

You are not likely to experience any serious problem when using the Salmeterol inhaler. However, you must use the quick-relief inhaler if you begin to experience any breathing or asthma problems, or there is sudden wheezing. Also, you should immediately consult your doctor. The list above may not be all the possible side effects of the usage of the Salmeterol inhaler. You should still consult your doctor if you begin experiencing any other side effects not on the list.

Precautions for taking the medication

You should inform your doctor before start using the Servent inhaler or any other brand of Salmeterol inhaler. The reason is that the Serevent inhaler has certain inactive ingredients are capable of worsening your allergies or create other health problems.

Before you using the Salmeterol medication, make sure that the doctor knows everything about your medical history, which could be any previous or existing problems related to heart (angina or irregular heartbeat), high blood pressure, diabetes, seizures, overactive thyroid problems and liver conditions.

Salmeterol is known to cause QT prolongation (meaning that the use of Salmeterol inhaler affects heart rhythm.) QT prolongation does not often cause any serious fast or irregular heartbeats, or any other symptom including severe dizziness or fainting. You must go for immediate medical attention if you are experiencing any problems.

For additional information on the precautions, talk to your pharmacist or physician.