High Blood Pressure and ED Go Hand in Hand, but There Are Solutions

High Blood Pressure and ED Go Hand in Hand, but There Are Solutions

High Blood Pressure as a Major Concern: High blood pressure is not only a menace to your happy everyday life these days, but is also a major factor which plays the fiddle behind causing serious problems in bed. Not only does it hamper your daily life in a very negative way but it also mars

High Blood Pressure as a Major Concern:

High blood pressure is not only a menace to your happy everyday life these days, but is also a major factor which plays the fiddle behind causing serious problems in bed. Not only does it hamper your daily life in a very negative way but it also mars your nightly excitement and thus your life with your partner.

High blood pressure has a lot of side effects to a person’s health. These major side effects are known to often become major disorders in their own right. Hypertensions, headache, loss of concentration, bad temper, loss of appetite are few names to start the list with. But one of the biggest concerns of course remains is erectile dysfunction (or ED).

There are many medicines like Viagra, Levitra, Staxyn and Cialis, which are known to be a potent treatment for erectile dysfunction. But are these medicines all-rounders? Cialis is a very potent drug for erectile dysfunction itself but still the question remains, does Cialis lower blood pressure besides treating erectile dysfunction? This question arises because if it does, then it will prove itself to be a multipurpose serving drug.

Relation between High Blood Pressure, Erectile Dysfunction, and Sexual Life:

There are many different ways in which high blood pressure can cause erectile dysfunction. If not treated, the effects become permanent and are hard to be treated. These various ways are:

  • High blood pressure is responsible for causing grave damage to arteries. There are many problems which are responsible for bringing in erectile dysfunction into the system. One of them is artery damage caused due to high blood pressure. A healthy vascular system circulating in the body ensures good health. High blood pressure causes significant damage to this circulatory system by rupturing blood vessels everywhere in the body. This causes not only erectile dysfunction but can even be responsible for causing death.
  • Erection demands high amounts of energy and high amount of blood flow surging through the blood vessels flowing through your organ. With such a high demand of blood flow, it is extremely necessary to maintain low pressure in that flow. This would otherwise play a hand in rupturing the vessels and causing problems. This is exactly what happens when you suffer from high blood pressure. The high-pressure messes with your system cause failure in the supply of adequate blood which ultimately results in erectile dysfunction. Under such conditions, the question does Cialis lower blood pressure, becomes a very important factor.
  • High blood pressure is a major reason for causing strokes. While having sex, it becomes natural for a person to get extremely excited. Excitement causes a high amount of blood flow to the brain. During this condition, if you are suffering from high blood pressure, then you do have a standing chance of dropping dead due to stroke.
  • Other than rupturing blood vessels, this disorder causes other impacts like hardening of arteries and blood vessels which is known as atherosclerosis. It can also damage the lining of organs like the heart.
  • On the other hand, women too, get affected in their sexual life due to high blood pressure. Researchers have found that women suffering from high BP often tend to lose interest in sex and have a lower

Cialis may be a viable treatment for erectile dysfunction but does everyone unanimously agree with its other capabilities? Does Cialis lower blood pressure? The question still remains for the experts to answer.

What is Cialis?

Cialis is more of a brand name. The original drug from which Cialis is manufactured goes by the name of Tadalafil. This drug, Tadalafil belongs to a class of drugs which is named as PDE-5 ( an acronym for Phosphodiesterase Type 5) inhibitors. Tadalafil drugs like Cialis itself can help to treat erectile dysfunction which is known as male impotence. It does this treatment by enhancing the erectile response in the male partner when he gets sexually stimulated and aroused. It can work wonders when it comes to erectile dysfunction. But does Cialis lower blood pressure? That remains to be seen.


Cialis was approved in October 2011 by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for “treating signs and symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (also known as BPH) as well as a combination of benign prostatic hyperplasia and erectile dysfunction (also known as ED) when the conditions occur simultaneously”. But the question does Cialis lower blood pressure lingers on.

Does Cialis Lower Blood Pressure?

Coming to the main question, does Cialis lower blood pressure or not, it has been seen by research that Cialis helps to slightly lower blood pressure. This comes as a both sided measure. On one hand, men who have normal blood pressure and taking Cialis can suffer from low BP had Cialis lowered it to a huge extent. Also, men suffering from high BP can be relieved up to a certain extent thanks to Cialis’s effect of slightly lowering it and taking a safety precaution.

Another very important thing to note is that Cialis should never be taken with nitrates containing medicines. This is because Cialis combined with nitrates can have amplified effects on blood pressure. Then not only will BP fall but it will fall to such an extent that can even prove to be fatal. Anyways, answering your doubt does Cialis lower blood pressure or not, you have read it yourself.

Lowering Blood Pressure and Side Effects:

Does Cialis Lower Blood Pressure? Yes, it does. But along with that, it brings in a vast number of side effects. As mentioned earlier, you have a standing chance to drop dead. Maintaining a balance in blood pressure becomes a primary concern when taking medicines like Cialis to treat erectile dysfunction. One must take note that blood pressure is like blood pH. It has to be at the exact knife point balance. Otherwise, a plethora of bodily problems and disorders begin to show up. Stroke is not a possibility which is very far away. Along with that, users have complained of other problems which may or may not be of huge significance depending on the patient’s condition.

Other Side Effects Which May Be Related to Fluctuating Blood Pressure:

Cialis has been reported to give a number of side effects to the human body after taking it. Different people have different reactions to this drug.

  • A very common problem that has often been reported by patients who regularly take Cialis is a headache. Head- aches are common problems but whether this has anything to do with Cialis administration is of great significance. Also, if blood pressure goes up after taking this drug, then headache can also be a first of many symptoms.
  • Patients often complain of draining of blood from the face and their faces getting flushed. This can very prominently be a problem caused due to abnormal blood pressure which becomes so due to the administration of this drug. So controlling blood pressure is a major concern.
  • Back pains are also heard of being complained by a number of patients. Whether this has any relation to the fluctuation of blood pressure after taking this drug, Cialis, remains to be seen.
  • Stuffy nose, which may seem like a common problem caused due to common cold, may also be well caused by Cialis. Low blood pressure may also cause blood to flow out of a stuffy nose when lowered beyond the pre- determined safe limit.

How Does Cialis Lower Blood Pressure?

Cialis essentially controls the secretion of an enzyme known as cyclic guanosine monophosphate (or cGMP) which helps in smoothening the cells of muscles the male organ. It is here that this drug unknowingly plays as a factor in lowering a person’s blood pressure so as to prevent rupturing of the arteries. But sometimes blood pressure may be lowered either to a safe extent or to a fatal extent, causing death. Also, lowering of blood pressure beyond a certain extent will not help with the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Can Cialis Be Taken As A Medicine To Lower Blood Pressure?

Well, this may be a funny question to ask whether a medicine for treating some particular disorder can be used to treat a completely different disorder or not, but is a relevant question all the same. The answer is no. Cialis does lower blood pressure, but that comes as a side effect rather than a primary effect of the drug. If someone takes Cialis without prescription, in order to treat high levels of blood pressure then he should be ready to pay the price with his life. If someone is really interested in lowering blood pressure, then he should try taking the proper medicine, or better still exercise regularly and do yoga.

Important Notes and Tips:

If someone is taking nitrates containing medicine then it would be best to stay away from Cialis as then it would be able to lower blood pressure to a fatal extent, beyond recovery. Ask your doctor whether does Cialis lower blood pressure or not and he will be able to help you in detail and give the proper medications if you already have a heart condition.