Tadalafil Online – Erectile Dysfunction

Tadalafil Online – Erectile Dysfunction

Tadalafil is not something that you’ll generally come across but then if you do, remember it is a medicine and to be more specific, it is phosphodiesterase inhibitor of type 5. It is a classification based the type of effects it produces and the effects in discussion are mostly related to relaxation of smooth muscles

Tadalafil is not something that you’ll generally come across but then if you do, remember it is a medicine and to be more specific, it is phosphodiesterase inhibitor of type 5. It is a classification based the type of effects it produces and the effects in discussion are mostly related to relaxation of smooth muscles and dilation of blood vessels. Therefore the kinds of ailments Tadalafil can cure are mostly related to these effects. That being said, it is mostly used for dealing with E.D. i.e. Erectile Dysfunction.  PAH or pulmonary arterial hyper-tension and prostatic hyperplasia are also diseases that it can treat and it is approved by the FDA.

Vardenafil & sildenafil are similar to it but Tadalafil is a little more popular. Known by many names, it is produced by many. While most of the products available are for treating erectile dysfunction, some are available for PAH as well. Adcirca is a very popular instance. This medication basically works by relaxing the blood vessels and the muscles which in turn boosts the blood flow, in specific parts of the body. Cialis professional, Tadacip, Edgon, Apcalis,, Tadalis, Filda, Erectalis, Forzest, Tazzale Meaglis & popup are some very popular names and the last few are used for ED treatment.

Body Reactions & Mechanism

Before understanding the complete mechanism, one must be aware of how it works for specifically on the problems. For Erectile Dysfunction the problem is in getting a proper stand, if you will. The cause is poor blood flow. It works by dilating and boosting flow of blood. It works by causing stimulation and has been proven effective for most people. For treating an ailment like pulmonary arterial hypertension its mechanism is similar. It too dilates and boosts but just in a different part of the body. Other than that it relaxes the muscles and aids in proper functioning of your whole cardiovascular system. It also increases stamina momentarily.

If such are the effects then in all likelihood, some will tend to abuse it or misuse it so it is better to take some precautions and measures. However there are some problems that can affect or hurt you without any specific cause. Sometimes it might be overdosing, but is mostly due to the fact that different bodies react differently. Make sure to seek doctor’s attention if the effect lasts for more than 5 hours or even if some sort of allergies occur later. Neglecting may lead to further damage. Other than that Tadalafil is insoluble in water and partially soluble in ethanol and reacts bad in presence of nitro compounds. So users must be aware of what other medicines they are using. Many of them contain such compounds and if consumed along with tadalafil might produce very undesirable effects, accompanied by medium or severe chest pain. Also it is characterized by severe decrease in blood pressure.

Available in different quantities ranging from 2.5mg to 20 mg. It is classified as a prescription drug which means that you can only have if you got a prescription for it from a certified professional. For effective and fast reaction, a higher doze of 10 mg or 20 mg is prescribed. It is also available in liquid and jelly form. The later is used orally. It has gained much acceptance in the past few years.

Dosage Details

For its most popular application and periodic use a safe dosage should be of 10 mg and should be consumed around the time of coitus. It also depends on the potency of the medication used and higher dosage can be taken if it is tolerable by the user’s system. For hyperplasia in the prostatic region, the dosage is a little less and it is so because it has to be used daily. It is around 5 mg and isn’t much effective for stimulation purposes.

For treating lung or cardiovascular ailment a dosage of 40 mg is suggested and AdCirca is pretty popular.



Side effects are a little adverse and one should immediately contact a doctor just in case any of them tarts occurring. Headache, joint and body aches, indigestion are common. In severe cases they are accompanied by nausea and dizziness. People usually tend to feel very weak as well. And as it has been mentioned before, priapism could occur too.

Drug interactions

It has already been pointed out that if mixed with other drugs or compunds, tadalafil could be lethal. The reaction with nitrates has already been explained and even for coupounds like sodium nitroprusside, it is not safe. Collectively they cause too much vasodilation and therefore the pressure falls rapidly and it isn’t any good. Interactions may affect how this drug works. They may increase risk of side effects from tadalafil. It is always safe to consume it in a prescribed dosage and using it well can only be done by first ensuring safety.

Other than that there are drugs to increase effectiveness and also to increase elimination that could essentially be useful for getting rid of an overdose. Azoles are substances that increase the effect while carbamazepine controls. Last but not the least, tadalafil should not be consumed with drugs providing similar reactions or it could do some serious damage.

Safety, Storage & Availability

As far as safety is concerned, it is advisable for most drugs or rather products that they should not be consumed after they have crossed their date of expiry. It is common knowledge that it is not safe to. In case tadalafil, doing so might result in pretty severe effects.  In general they are manufactured with a sustainability ranging from 2 years to 3 years max. And as long as you manage to keep this medicines stored in a dry and cool place, they are good to go. However don’t be knave and end up freezing it.

Now tadalafils are available in drug stores and if you have prescription, you get to buy them but for others there is the online market. It is more popular because of the fact that it more convenient, faster and also cheaper. Also you need any prescriptions to get them so many tend to go for that option. Available under brands like Adcirca & Cialis , they cost slightly more. However there are cheaper generic ones available which are widely used in the Asian market and are said to be equally useful. However one must be very careful about doing so and choose a reputable online pharmacist in order to avoid cons or fake products. Rite-aid, Walgreens, CVS, etc are quite popular among the ones that are there.

Normal vs Branded Tabs

Price is factor that is very important here and it goes without saying the branded ones cost more. In this particular case it is a lot more. However they provide much superior effect and are worth it. But then budget matters and the cheaper or the normal ones might not match up with an Adcirca or Cialis but is yet pretty effective. And whatever it is, it is available for much lesser cost. They are also more effective compared to the other kinds that are available.

Compared to the likes of Viagra, Cialis i.e. a Tadalafil is much more efficient and offers similar side effects. While the effects lasts for only a couple of hours in case of the former, the later can sustain for more than a day.


Majority of customer reviews are positive and it is evident from the widespread acceptance that tadalafil is pretty potent and useful. In order to make the most of without losing the least of it one must seek some medical expertise and do it under the prescribed guidance. It is available in many forms and people who have been affected with the ailments it can cure, should keep an open mind about it and try it.